Your gutters are in need of repair!

We offer repair services on gutters that still have some life left and just need to be fixed up. Ice build up can cause too much weight that will pull gutters off the house, we'll put it back. Caulking on seams can dry rot over time and lead to leaky corners & wood rot, we'll seal them up. Poorly installed gutters or homes that have settled and caused gutters to be off pitch, we'll re-grade them. 

Exposed spikes, sags, dropout resizing...almost any problem you have, we can solve. 

One point to keep in mind: most cosmetic damages resulting from sharp bends that leave creases in the metal are not fully repairable. We'll do our best to re-shape K-Style gutters if necessary, but replacement is typically required with these issues. 


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Call or message us, we'll come look at what you need; you'll receive an estimate either on the spot or within 24 hours. 


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